Stillness in Motion


I am an artist based in Paris. My work focuses on ideas of movement, balance and lightness, in a style which is increasingly minimalistic and architectural.

There is something truly extraordinary in working with taxidermy. The organic nature of the birds creates a primordial and instinctive bond between the pieces and the viewer, taking them from a primarily aesthetic reaction to an emotional one.

My obsession is to go beyond the naturalistic goals of taxidermy - not just to represent the bird as it once was - but to transform it into an idea of movement itself. A contemporary icon of movement. The challenge is to strip away the unessential and create pieces that seem to transcend weight and gravity. I express this through stillness in motion.

It’s about how concrete and feathers, steel and space can collide and connect, allowing stillness and (im)permanence to emerge.

My work has been exhibited in Paris at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (the first taxidermy pieces to be exhibited there), at L’Eclaireur and at the Galerie Da-End. I have worked on collaborations with Dior, Cartier, AF Vandevorst, and been featured in numerous publications. My work is also commissioned and sold to private collectors in Europe, the US and elsewhere. I was trained by master taxidermist George Jamieson in Scotland."

"The artist is a poet, and, like his work, he conceals a delicacy visible to those who perceive the world with intensity" - L’Eclaireur

"Mathieu Miljavac shows installations that are both dreamlike, minimalist and offbeat. A way to transfigure the everyday.” - Beaux-Arts Magazine

“The Birdman of contemporary art.”. - Télérama